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Performing Search Engine Optimization on your Website is the single most important thing you can do to increase its overall online visibility.  We use only Google Certified Analytics individuals in preparing your reports.  

Why you need Search Engine Optimization on your business’s website:

Your potential customers are searching the web to find services and products in your community. The success of your business depends on people being able to locate and purchase your services or products. Increasing your visibility on the web and people’s ability to find you will greatly impact the success of your business. This is where digital marketing and Local SEO comes into play. We work with major search engines to increase your rankings on through local SEO and Digital Marketing so customers can find you.

There is not one specific element that makes SEO increase your website’s rankings. SEO is much like an engine. All the parts work together to make the engine work as a whole. We take our practices like keyword research, link building, content management, site structure, meta information (and ect) and make them all work together to increase the rankings of your business’s website.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is, NOLA Digital Marketing & SEO has a plan for you. We can easily customize plans that are right for your business. NOLA Digital Marketing & SEO focuses on small businesses and we want to be affordable and accessible to everyone.  Local SEO & marketing shouldn’t break your marketing budget. It should help you grow & expand your business.

Below are some of our SEO & Digital Marketing packages. Underneath the packages is an explanation of the service and what it entails.

Here are some of the services your website will be receiving:

On site SEO work:

Keyword research

Keyword optimization and implementation within website

Meta tag optimization

Header tag updating

Assessment of inbound and outbound links

Current content optimization

Off site SEO:

Optimization of Social Media accounts

Link building

Working with Major search engines to crawl your website

Local listing optimization

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase your natural rankings within Google, Bing, Yahoo and ECT. Up to 85% of clicks and traffic come from the organic area of search engines, and this is the territory that SEO handles.