Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Marketing And Ad Management

Pay Per Click Marketing, also known as PPC (pay per click management), offers an immediate solution to drive traffic to your website or local business. But without proper implementation & management, your locally based pay per click marketing campaign could be costing you time, money and missed customers.

Starting a Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign can generate immediate leads and customers to your website or local business.

A Pay Per Click Campaign generates;

  • Sales
  • Leads to your website and its content
  • Links to your website (which are good for search engine rankings)

Many business owners who are organizing and managing their own PPC Campaign are overlooking key factors that could be costing them money. Google intentionally doesn’t tell its users that things – like not to advertise on display networks & defining your perimeters – all factors that could save you money and maximize your campaign profits.

With NOLA Digital Marketing and SEO’s Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign Set Up, Optimization and Management you will get

  • Establishment of account
  • Keyword research
  • Location-based ads
  • Multiple ad design and implementation
  • Control of daily spending limits
  • Control of location of ads based

Pay Per Click Marketing through Google & Bing is a great way to boost your website’s visibility and potential sales.

The results are trackable, targeted & instant. Let the professionals at NOLA Digital Marketing & SEO run your Pay Per Click Ad Campaign. It will take the guesswork and research out of your Ad Campaign and save you hundreds on ads.

You also have complete control over how much you spend each day and where your ads are displayed by geographical region. The tricky part comes into how you organize your campaign. Keyword research, organization & execution are key in having and running a successful Pay Per Click or PPC campaign.

We can present monthly & weekly reports in an easy to read and simple format.

Our rates vary per customer based on need and volume.

Whether it’s a national campaign or a local campaign, we will tailor your campaign to fit your needs.

Please contact us for more information and a personalized quote