Google Analytics

The data google analytics supplies for websites in invaluable.  A website is only as good as its performance.  This means knowing who visits,  how many people visit, what are the pages they click on, how long they stay on your site, along with their interaction with your webpages.  Analytics is the only means telling you the strength and weaknesses of your webpages.

Google Analytic Data will show:

geographic information of usergoogle-nola-digital-marketing-and-seo

which browser used

bounce rate

most visited pages

 ♦ highest traffic time

 ♦ search  (Google, Bing,  Facebook, Twitter, Link, or direct type in URL)

 ♦ keywords used in search

which internal links to other pages they use


Dissecting Data

This valuable data will give you an indication of what needs to be expanded upon and what needs to be revised.  If a page is getting a lot of traffic.  It tells you there is a draw.  People tend towards ease of use and or depth of information that is filling a need for them.   If a page is not getting traffic or the traffic length of stay is short which is referred to as bounce rate, then the page needs to be revised or replaced with features from a more relevant traffic page.  Discerning this information can only come through careful analysis of what users are doing when they stay on a page.


Analytics involves the initial analysis and then to proceed an search engine optimization specialist will use their expertise to test the revised changes of the new page.  This is a time consuming process but a necessary process.  The old adage, “throwing mud at the wall” is not only time consuming but expensive.  Thus, we come back to the purpose to analytics.


Scientists do not just randomly experiment when they are working on a project.  It is a step by step process and note what action give results and what actions do not produce results.  Digital Marketing and search engine optimization takes the same type of step by step process.  It is one of the reasons working with a well established search engine optimization team is important.  They have already tested similar business strategies and recognize similar patterns when working with your business.