Economic Analytic Researchnola-digital-marketing-and-statistics-association

Economic Analytic research has become an increasingly significant to small business as well as rapidly changing data that requires people who are skilled in analyzing and interpreting economic data. They use the research data models to effect decisions about local, national and global markets and policy, involving financial investments for small business, from financial risk to real risk.

Using Analytic Research for CRO

In internet marketing, conversion rate optimization is most successful when analytic research is applied.  CRO is a nola-digital-marketing-new-orleans-analytic-researchsystem for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage.  It most useful when statistical measurements are applied rather than guess work. Conversion rate optimization shares the same theory as direct response marketing.

Direct Response  Partners with Conversation Rate Optimization

Direct response marketing is similar to conversation rate optimization.  It is an approach to marketing that emphasizes tracking, testing and on-going improvement.  Research analytics gives the crucial data that is required to know when to make progressive changes that move your business forward in acquiring customers.

Research analytics is tracking, testing, and implementing improvements, however, it is most effective with up-to-date data is incorporated in implementing solutions.  This means the business owner does not have to waste precious finances on testing in the market place when proven research data is applied in their marketing program.

Nola Digital Marketing and SEO uses this research data for the financial protection of their customers.  NDMS achieves a higher rate of return for their small business customers on CRO results.  This is a unique factor of Nola Digital Marketing and SEO due to the waste prevention of extra dollars spent on testing results of a direct response marketing.

American Statistical Association is only one of our statistical data sites.  We strive to never stop learning and never stop researching.