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Writing content NOLA digital marketing and seo

Can Local Business Compete – Will Content Show up in Searches?

It may seem tedious but content is key to driving traffic. Small business and websites are skipping content and article writing What's the…
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Understanding SEO NOLA digital marketing and seo

Understanding SEO: Learn what your competitors don’t know

Understanding SEO: Starting with SEO Basics SEO is the way you go about editing your website and your web pages to increase its…
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2 Easy Things You Could Be Forgetting On Your Webpage

Two Must Have Factors to Include on Your Website Call to Action  NAP - Name, Address & Phone Number  These are the two…
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New Vs. Old – Infograph of Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing  Inbound vs outbound marketing statistics provided by Search Engine Journal.  Inbound vs outbound marketing. Is there really such a…
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